A Beginner’s Guide: Outside Lighting Ideas, Outside LED Decorative Lights

Christmas has gone but there’s no end of reasons to enjoy life. Winter is still going but obviously, summer will make its return and we’ll get to enjoy more time outdoors. So, in order to make your upcoming summers more dazzling and entertaining, it’s a good time to figure out your lighting house setup.

The one mistake, however, we end up making when decorating our home is to not give the due focus to outdoor lights that they deserve. To help you avoid this mistake, we’ve included here some outside house lighting ideas with a handful of product picks to consider as well.

Firstly, Set Goals

Hiring professionals to do the job is one thing, but if you like a challenge and fancy doing it on your own, then drawing up your plan is especially important. You can get plenty of modern outside decorative lights options to match your choice and creativity.

Creating your own ideas and list of requirements can be a great way to not just help plan your budget but also to ensure you end up with the right lights to create your very own lighting masterpiece.

Identify the Space, Choose the Right Light

The first step in this regard is to start with identifying the space you’d like to light. Once that is done, you can focus on finding outdoor lights for sale to match with your requirement.

For instance, bright lights can be a good choice for houses of lights. They not only add the panache to the overall appearance of the abode, but can be also be an attractive security feature to your property. Or, you can go for  Wireless LED light bulbs that can be controlled remotely via motion sensor lights to add more comfort, convenience and control.

You don’t need to stress about finding the right lights. There are lots of outdoor lighting options for boosting the home appearance. These options integrate seamlessly to any outdoor appearance and beautify the abode.

Placing Them at the Right Place

One important thing to make the lighting fixtures look right is to determine the scale of your space. This will help you to know the shape and size, as well as the required wattage of the bulb.

For example, if you want to place the motion sensor lighting, then place at the position that does not bother you or your neighbors.

Outside light

Choosing the location for lighting is critical. This is the reason that we are here with some expert tips to help you place the lights right:

Wall Sconces: There’s one little trick to overcome the guesswork. Just cut out the rough size of the light on paper and tape it up to give the visual appreciate of the size of the light.

Surface Mounts: To understand the overall length and scale of the mounts, blow a balloon of the shade size and hang it on a string. From this only, you’ll get the idea about the space.

Wattage: Want a bulb in a glass shade, then try 75 to 100 Watt equivalent range and for an exposed bulb, go with a minimum 60 Watt equivalent.

Use LED Lights

For a more environmental lighting solution, use oLED lights as they consume 80% less electricity. It’s true that earlier the lights were very harsh to the eyes, but now the technology has come up with nice soft lights available on the market.

Looking for the ways to save energy with outdoor lighting? Use Motion-sensors and solar-powered lights that are the great options.

Less is more

In the end, the last bit of advice we have to offer for you is this when it comes to outside solar lights, LED lights“Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style.”

Solar powered lighting string

Take your time and plan carefully on where to focus your lighting: walkways, the doorways or landscaping. As it’s said, “Shine on what you love”.

Don’t just focus on going for bigger and brighter lights that shine like gold. Rather, stick to your home’s appearance, your choice and what feels the best to your eye.

After all, a home is where heart is? Isn’t it so?


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