Tips on Planning Your Home Interior With Fancy Lights and Outdoor Lights

Everybody loves decorating a room, a simple suggestion and one that is easy to implement will give you will be only the Fancy Lights and Outdoor Lights. There are many ways through which you can decorate your home or backyards but only lighting can give the spark to your decorations.

Every corner of the house has its own grace, so decorating every corner will need you to learn the tips for perfect placement of fancy electric lights.


For relieving you from some stress of how to decorate your home with fancy lights or outdoor lights, here are some tips that’ll surely add the life and vibrancy to your home interior.

  1. Drawing Room

The main and the most used part of the house is the Drawing room. Everyone gathers there only rather than any other place. The fancy lights should be used in a way putting an ambient light impact on the room. Try to avoid the use of strong shadow that can affect the eyes.

  1. Kitchen

Kitchen lighting should be done with the wide angle lights so that everything is visible clearly and ensures the ease of task. Narrow beam fancy lights can be used to light the areas of the kitchen like pantries or counter areas, kitchen island, and more. The most light should be available on the worktop and the sink area as most of the work is done here.

  1. Dining area

It can be predicted from the name only that there’ll be the requirement of ambient light with more focus on the table. The more suitable lighting can be done by hanging a pendant type of lights. It’ll look quite fancy and useful too making your dining space look beautiful. But try to keep the pendant light at the right height so that it won’t hurt anybody.

  1. Bedrooms

Bedrooms do not require heavy lighting. Accent lighting is best and can be gained through fancy frames or art pieces. Additional lighting can be placed in the room for preventing eye-strains whilst reading or writing.

  1. Bathrooms

Good lighting should be done in order to add spark and illuminate its beauty, reviving your senses as you wake. Additionally, you might consider adding some low level, more subtle lighting if you need to use the bathroom in the middle of the night without the fully illumination. 

  1. Stairs & Entries

Make home entry of your own or your guests interesting with effective fancy lighting strategies. This requires medium yet attractive lighting. Even the surface mount lighting can save the false of ceilings also.

Effective Fancy Lighting Placement Tips

  1. Keep the lighting away from the corners: Placing the lights on the corners of the room will not benefit you with much light. So if possible, try to place the lights in the middle of the room or at the edges.
  2. Away from any ceiling fans: The lights will flicker and there’ll be no use of lighting if placed around the fan. So, keep the distance between the down-lights and ceiling fan.
  3. Proper Distribution with more lights: Try to choose the lower power lights as it’s best for distributing the light in every corner of the room with the same power. Using proper lighting and ideal spacing leads to proper illumination.

It’s now clear that nothing can make your interior look fresh and beautiful like fancy lightings. These bulbs not only are environmentally-friendly but also reduce the carbon footprint as these lights can be recycled. Mainly, these fancy outdoor lights are cost effective and its size makes the positioning very easy.


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